Top 10 ideas for your Valentine’s for a Special Day

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Top 10 ideas for your Valentine’s for a Special Day

According to Hollywood Jewels, the bracelets “were the inspiration of Jeanne Toussaint,” the creative and artistic director at Cartier for several decades, who had “an intuitive flair for fashion and precious jewelry”. She is credited with introducing materials such as rock crystal as components of the firm’s fine jewelry designs, to make them more affordable during the Depression. The book’s authors comment: “Swanson’s bangles are perhaps the finest example of a Toussaint jewel incorporating rock crystal”.

Cartier’s website states that the bracelets are “not only part of the history of jewelry but also part of the history of movies” because Swanson wore them in at least two films: Perfect Understanding (1932) and Sunset Boulevard (1950). article by  

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