Summary of WIMPY KID-Old School

Summary of  WIMPY KID-Old School
‘Waking up the old mare’

Summary of WIMPY KID-Old School:-

I like to tell you the summary of the book name “DIARY OF THE WIMPY KID:OLD SCHOOL”. And why should you read it. I think reading this will be fun and if you like all the wimpy kids, you can learn more characters. 

Made by Jeff Kinney  

Characters:  Greg Heffley, Frank Heffley, Manny Heffley, Rodrick Heffley, Susan Heffley and The Heffley’s Pig1. Greg Heffley . Frank Heffley is Greg’s father3. Manny Heffley is Greg’s younger brother2. Rodrick Heffley is Greg’s older brother Susan Heffley is Greg’s mother2. The Heffley’s Pig is  


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School is the tenth book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, written by Jeff Kinney. It follows the adventures of middle schooler Greg Heffley as he navigates through his first year at a newly built school without any modern technology. Instead, the students are forced to engage in activities like farming and letter writing. 

In its attempt to depict “the good old days,” the school administration creates major problems for the students, including unnecessary detentions for minor infractions and a lack of proper educational resources. The story focuses on Greg’s struggle to adjust to this new life and maintain his social status among his peers. 

Throughout the novel, Greg faces several challenges, such as getting lost during a field trip, dealing with bullies, and trying to impress a girl. As usual, his actions often lead him into trouble, but he manages to come out on top in the end. 

The book ends with a cliffhanger, leaving readers wondering what will happen next in Greg’s ongoing adventure. Overall, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School is a hilarious and entertaining continuation of the popular series that explores themes of adapting to change and overcoming adversity. 

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Third Wheel

Character: Greg Heffley, Rowley Jefferson, Abigail Brown, Uncle Gary, Frank Heffley, Susan Heffley, Rodrick Heffley, Manny Heffley 


The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Third Wheel” follows the stories of Greg Heffley as he navigates through middle school. In this book, he tries to find a date for Valentine’s Day dance with little success. Finally, his best friend Rowley takes pity on him and offers to be his date. Things don’t go as planned when Rowley accidentally ends up popular at the dance and leaves Greg alone. 

Elsewhere in the book, Greg deals with helping his older brother Rodrick with his band practice while also trying to think of ways to impress Holly Hills, a girl he is interested in. Through a series of funny and embarrassing events, Greg learns valuable lessons about friendship, jealousy, and popularity. In “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel,” Greg Heffley is excited for the Valentine’s Day dance at school. However, when he fails to secure a date and gets stuck with a classmate who embarrasses him, his night quickly goes downhill. 

Meanwhile, envious of his best friend Rowley Jefferson’s happy relationship, Greg starts dating his old crush Holly Hills to fit in. However, when their date ends up going horribly wrong, Greg realizes that being himself is more important than trying to impress others. 

Throughout the book, Greg navigates various challenges, including dealing with his eccentric uncle Gary, finding a rare video game, and struggling to come up with a good science fair project. In the end, he learns valuable lessons about friendship, honesty, and staying true to oneself. 

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